MRL-Machine Room Less Elevator

Machine-Room-Less Elevators that do not have a dedicated machine room above the elevator shaft. The machine sits in the override space and is accessed from the top of the elevator cab when maintenance or repairs are required. The control boxes are located in a control room that is adjacent to the elevator shaft on the highest landing and within around 150 feet of the machine.

Machine-room-less elevators have a maximum travel distance of up to 165 m and can travel at speeds up to 3mps. MRL elevators are comparable to geared traction elevators in terms of initial and maintenance costs, but they have relatively low energy consumption compared to geared elevators.

Machine-room-less elevators are becoming the most popular choice for mid-rise buildings. They are energy efficient, require less space, and their operation and reliability are on par with gear-less traction elevators.


Automatic Rescue Device – ARD Automatically takes the lift to the nearest level in the case of a power interruption.

Stainless Steel Buttons Sophisticated design -buttons flush with backplate. Red LED illumination. Engraved numbers. Highly tamper resistant.

VVVF Drive Silken smooth lift movement. Advanced features like smooth starting and smooth stop. Slow-nudging feature ideal for high traffic situations.

VVVF Door Controller Silken smooth door movement. Advanced features like adjustable independent times for opening and closing. Slow-nudging feature ideal for high traffic situations.

Infra Red Screen Sensor Curtain of 154 infra red beams to prevent accidental closing of the door.


1Pit Required1500 MM
2Roping1:1 & 2:1
3Overhead RequiredRequired
4Speed1 M/S & Above
5Machine RoomNot Required
6Capacity272kg to 1360kg
7TypePassenger, Goods, Car Lifts
8No. of floors3 & Above
Space Saving: There is no need for a deep pit or an overhead machine room.

Closed Shaft not mandatory: No extra space required

Silent and Smooth: MRL lifts are quiet and smooth and hence can use in homes and offices.

Economical: MRL lifts are very economical compared to conventional Lifts.

MRL-Machine Room Less