Emergency Services

Each hour, day, and week – countless commuters expect to have your elevator system carry them seamlessly to their destination. One of the most remarkable elements of this process is that every passenger will step into the cab of your elevator without needing to think twice, trusting in the reliable engineering of modern vertical transportation.

Perhaps your passengers are heading to their home in a multi-story residential building, to cheer on their favorite team at a sporting event in a large stadium, rushing to work in a commercial structure, or even moving supplies and equipment throughout a larger structure with a freight elevator. No matter why they called for it, your elevator will spend all day moving people or supplies where they need to go. So, you will need a service partner that you can trust to take great care of it.

Incor Elevator moves beyond the elevator service industry as we strive to consistently provide our clients with ongoing maintenance, service, and repairs to ensure that their elevators remain in top-performing condition. We understand just how crucial it is to have peace of mind with safe and reliable elevator operations throughout the year. Working with a non-operating elevator can result in inconvenient downtime while also creating unsafe conditions for your personnel or tenants.

While we always strive to prevent any downtime from occurring, various concerns may arise between scheduled maintenance visits. These problems could appear due to the elevator car itself from heavy traffic—or it might be due to an aging machine drive, governor system, or control cabinet. Regardless of the cause, your elevator system deserves to be treated well. Our top priority is that your elevator is supported during all hours of the day.

This is why Incor Elevator offers 24-hour emergency elevator repair service—so that your elevators are up and running as quickly as possible with any changes made meeting code and compliance requirements.

Our emergency elevator repair service solves problems such as:

  • Abruptly running and halting
  • Getting stuck between the floors of a building
  • The malfunction of emergency alarms or emergency telephone
  • Vibrations or squeaks when the elevator is moving

Whether your elevator was made by us or not, our emergency elevator repair services team is prepared to return your equipment to running condition. Our efficient and trustworthy route technicians are equipped to handle quick elevator repairs for you at any time. However, if parts need to be replaced for your lift or elevator, we will provide the details as well as the price estimate for the job. You’ll know exactly what to expect with our services.

Our highly trained route technicians are specialists with thorough knowledge of every make and model of commercial elevators. They are backed by our industry-leading International Technical Services department which facilitates and supports every form of commercially available elevator, guaranteeing that your elevator is fixed during the first visit. This way, you will have the ability to keep tenants happy and avoid long-term shutdowns in the future.

Dispatch specialists at Incor  Elevator are on standby to provide the necessary assistance. They can assist with any issue that arises and work with your system to find the most advantageous solution. All you need to do to have your elevator inspected or repaired is call our service line at (+91) 9063244199.