Consulting & Services

Lift maintenance and operation management are extremely important to ensure maximum equipment lifespan and availability, as well as minimum equipment failure rate. Lift safety, reliability, and performance are crucial for the effective operation of all lifts and escalators. That is why lifts need to meet all local and international legal regulations and standards. These factors are also essential when it comes to improvement, modernization, and replacement work. These services are usually outsourced to the maintenance companies. However, this poses another set of problems such as conflict of interest and the lack of transparency.

Benefits of Incor lift and escalator consulting services

As an independent and neutral service provider, Incor is able to provide unbiased advice based on condition assessments, maintenance assessments, and expert opinions that serve your best interest.

  • We provide the best overall value as Incor elevator planning experts evaluate and find the correct lift solution on your behalf. Your costs can be kept at a reasonable level and at the same time you can fulfill lift safety, reliability, and performance

  • We enhance transparency and legal compliance by monitoring processes including lift maintenance and inspection status and ensuring that the documentation is compliant with laws and regulations

  • As a one-stop solution provider, we eliminate your administrative burden by taking over your elevator planning and maintenance management. 

  • We improve lift quality, availability, and lifecycle by offering services that are truly needed

  • We improve your economic planning with profitability studies and cost estimates as a reliable basis for decision-making